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As demand for our services increases, we now comprehensively cover all Roofing and Waterproofing Wynberg. We cater for all roof types and deal with all repair work, maintenance work, new roof construction, Damp Proofing and guttering services. We are experts in the waterproofing industry and have been in business for over 40 years, consistently achieving 100% customer satisfaction whilst keeping our rates and call out charges lower than you’ll find anywhere else in the area.

waterproofing wynberg

We provide roofing contractors to deal with all commercial and domestic requirements so whether you need roof repair at home or full roof construction or renovation at a commercial or industrial place of business, we can help. We can provide waterproofing to reseal old, damaged waterproof membrane, fix broken slate, tiles, flat roofs, gutters and fascia boards to make sure your roof, its structure and your building is in top condition and above all else, safe. We provide an honest and reliable inspection service to make sure that any issues are detected early so as not to cause further and more expensive repair work later down the line. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and further discuss your requirements with one of our specialists in Wynberg.

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We also provide a low cost, professional Damp Proofing service so if you have suffered damp as a result of leaking roof, leaking pipe, poor insulation or inadequate drainage, we can assist to treat your damp areas and cure damp for good in your home. Rising damp, damp basements or penetrating damp can be harmful to your health and can cause the value of your property to decrease if not treated properly. For the best waterproofing Wynberg, call us today to book a site visit or get some general advice. Call 021 300 1822

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