The importance of Good Waterproofing for your Home

By Simon Trussler

We often get asked why good solid waterproofing is a must within any home. The answer is simple – SAFETY! Inadequate waterproof membrane can cause leaks which in turn can cause the structure of your property to become compromised. Regular checks and maintenance of your roof is an essential part of any property maintenance schedule and is one you should pay particular attention to. Our graphic below shows some of the most important facts we raise:

Infographic Image waterproofing Cape Town

The main points to take from the above is that sound waterproofing not only gives you peace of mind but it provides a safer environment for you and your family. Protect your property and maintain the value of your home by ensuring your roof is both damp proofed and protected from the elements. A sound waterpoofing membrane is easy to maintain but can be costly to replace so the right thing to do is arrange for a regular inspection to ensure everything is up to standard. You can prevent unwanted damage by simply inspecting the roof yourself and calling in a professional roofer should you notice anything that doesn’t seem quite right for instance, a broken tile left over a duration can cause a leak which in turn causes damp which in turn cause improper structural capabilities. You can see how this chain of events can quickly become a big, costly job.

By Simon Trussler

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