Expert Waterproofing in Maitland

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We are the best and most professional roofing company in Maitland offering fantastic, low cost solutions for all your roof waterproofing and damp proofing requirements. We have a team of specialists that are highly skilled in the art of waterproof and roof repair, roof construction, dealing with and treatment for damp and general maintenance of your roof structure. All work is completed to the highest of standards and is fully guaranteed for even further peace of mind.

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We deal with all your Roofing requirements and can tackle any type of problem or issue on any type of roof. Weather you need a simple inspection, a leak fixing, timber joists replacing, replacing cracked or broken slate or a full roof renovation then we can help. We can actively restore your old roof to its former glory, resealing it and waterproofing it back to full weather proof condition. Whether you have a flat roof, slate roof, tiled or concrete roof, shingle roof or Perspex roof then we will provide the best and lowest cost solution to any issue you may have – just call the waterproofing Maitland team today to further discuss your requirements.

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We are also specialist Damp Proofing professionals and have a wealth of experience in dealing with all kinds of rising damp, penetrating damp and basement damp. We are experts in the field and can quickly diagnose the cause of your damp issue. Whether you have had a leak in the roof, a cracked or slow leaking pipe, inadequate insulation or broken gutters, we offer the complete range of service to repair and treat any damp within your home. Our services are low cost and guaranteed so why not get in touch with the best waterproofing Maitland today on 021 300 1822 for further information or to book a site visit from one of the team.

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