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Finding a reliable Waterproofing Company in Bellville just got a lot easier! We have been in business a long time and our experience and customer service record to date proves why we are highly regarded as one of the best waterproofers in the business. We deal with all roofing requirements from fixing roofs, roof construction, roof repair and roof maintenance contracts. Detecting problematic areas of your roof early is key to maintaining a healthy home and will eliminate costly repairs, damp or structural damage later down the line.

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As specialist roofing and waterproofing contractors in Bellville, we deal with a range of different requirements and work on any type or roof or balcony you may have in Bellville. We can professionally re-roof and re-seal your roof, provide repairs, inspections and maintenance as well as construct new roofs in tile, slate, concrete, corrugated, plastic and Perspex. We will restore your roof to its former glory in no time making sure it’s water-tight, sealed and protected from the elements. Give our team a call today to discuss your requirements in more detail or to book a site visit from one of our staff.

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Damp can be caused by many different factors and takes many different forms when affecting our property. Rising damp, mould and mildew can be a real health hazard and can also decrease the value of your home if not properly treated. Thankfully, we are experts in Damp Proofing in Bellville and provide expert advice, diagnosis and solutions to any Damp problems you may be having. Just give our expert damp proofing and waterproofing Bellville a call on 021 300 1822 to further discuss an appropriate solution or to book a site visit from one of the team.

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